Contemporary teaching, whether in school or university, cannot not be realized without the use of digital media. Almost every learner has his or her own smartphone or tablet. In addition to the motivational aspects of integration into the class or seminar room, the mobile devices can provide real added value into the learning process due to their diverse application possibilities. Therefore, one research focus of the working group is the conception of digital courses. On the one hand, students should gain experience in using digital tools, on the other hand, they should be enabled to integrate them into their lessons.

The following projects have been launched for this purpose:

  1. SCHULVERSUCH-PRAKTIKUM:digital supported by Joachim Herz Stiftung
  2. Innovative Lehrprojekte

In the following pictures you can see first impressions of the SCHULVERSUCH-PRAKTIKUM:digital. The students worked with AR applications on Tablet computers to gain knowledge about the synthesis of dyes.