Prof. Dr. Amitabh Banerji

Team Leader

University of Potsdam
Institute of Chemistry
Dep. of Chemistry Education

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
14476 Potsdam
House 25, Room: D1.10-1.11

Phone: +49 (0) 331 977 5182

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Curriculum Vitae
since 02/2020 University Professor (W3) for Chemistry Education University of Potsdam
04/2019 - 01/2020 University Professor (W2) for Chemistry Education University of Potsdam
2014 – 2019 Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessor) for Chemistry Education University of Cologne, Germany
2012 – 2014 Teacher and Scientific Coordinator (50%) Junior University Wuppertal, Germany Research Assistant (Postdoc) (50%) Bergische University of Wuppertal
2009 – 2012 Research Assistant (PhD) Work-Group of Prof. Dr. Michael Tausch Bergische University of Wuppertal, Germany
2007 – 2009 Teacher Practical Training (Referendariat) Herder-Gymnasium, Berlin, Germany
2000 – 2006 Study of Chemistry and Informatics for higher Education (Gymnasiales Lehramt) Freie University of Berlin, Germany
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2017 Awarded as „Highly Commended“ Project (OLEDs) At the European Science On Stage Festival, Debrecen (Hungary)
2014 Best Poster Prize Awarded at the International Conference of Electroluminescence, Cologne
2013 Special Prize of the „Bergische Wissenstransfer“ Prize Awarded by the Bergische University of Wuppertal
2011 Manfred-und-Wolfgang-Flad Prize Awarded by the GDCh-Fachgruppe Chemieunterricht, Bremen
2011 – 2014 Multiple 1st Positions in Science Slams (Different locations in Germany)
Research Interests
Providing possibilities for a modern and motivating science education through
    1. Curriculum Innovation & Research-Based-Implementation
    2. Digital Tools in Science Education
Here you can read more about these topics.
Current publications:
J. Huwer, A. Banerji (2020). Corona sei Dank?! - Digitalisierung im Chemieunterricht. CHEMKON, 27 (3), 105–106.
M. Gangl, F. Ünlü, T. Fischer, S. Mathur, A. Banerji (2020). Solarzellen mit Bismut statt BleiNachr. Chem., 68 (7/8), 20-23
A. Banerji (2019). Alles Pixel oder Was?! Wie entstehen die Bilder auf dem Handy? Sachunterricht Weltwissen 4-2019, 20-27
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